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Water can not adhere to the surface of almost all plants, flowers and butterflies and,
in addition, we also have achieved the Self-Cleaning Effect !
Nano Acryl - Lotus Effect
Water Repellency and Autocleaning

Sacred Lotus leaves and many other plants, as well as butterfly wings, exhibit a self-cleaning effect due to nano-bumps on their surface.

The wings of many insects such as butterflies and many plant leaf surfaces remain free of dirt, without chemical detergents and without energy expending, simply because of their complex surface topography which physically interacts with water molecules.

Lotus plants ( Nelumbo nucifera ) are kept free of dirt, an obvious advantage for aquatic plants that typically live in muddy environments.

The cuticle of its leaves, as well as those of other plants, consists of soluble lipids wrapped up in a polyester matrix - wax - but the degree of water repellency is extreme ( super-hydrophobicity ).

This is achieved through the nano-topography of the surface of the leaves, all of which, although they show a wide variety of structures, share a similar pattern of mathematical proportions associated with super-hydrophobicity.

All nasacoat coatings, based on our Nano Acryl nano-resins, use these same nanostructure principles to maintain surfaces automatically clean after a simple rain shower.

All coatings manufactured with Nano Acryl resist :
Extreme Weather - Salinity and Humidity of Marine Environment
Pollution - Animal Waste - Bird Drops - Permanent Puddles - Inorganic Acids

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All nasacoat Nano-Coatings are 100% :
Water Based - Non Toxic - Free of poisoning Lead, Heavy Metals, Ammonia,
Organic Vapors Emission = 0 VOC - Free of cheap monomers : Styrene, Vinyl and VEOVA,
100% Ecological = Environmental Friendly and
Sustainable, but also for the Final User
Sustainable Materials for a Better and Healthy Future
Most of the time Silence is the best interpretation to find peace to achieve real great things
and this begins with what you eat.