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Mechanical Properties : Adhesion Strength,
Resistance to Abrasion and Capacity of Elongation

Adhesion Strength

Adhesion strength is one of the most important factors to guarantee the warranty time of a successful application of any coatings.

nasacoat coatings are based on a pure acrylic nano-polymer Nano Acryl, which guarantees an adhesion strength between 410 and 887 tons per m2, see info Nano Acryl.

Resistance to Abrasion

It is the coating capacity to resist repetitive cleaning cycles.

nasacoat coatings are washable with soft brushes, sponges or clothes and with the use of detergents, soaps as well as chlorine.

Capacity of Elongation

Capacity of Elongation permits the coating to resist mechanical stress without breaking, where thermal movements and mechanical vibrations are more incisive.

nasacoat products have an exceptional capacity of elongation. See the table Elongation Capacity at : Elongation Capacity

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All nasacoat Nano-Coatings are 100% :
Water Based - Non Toxic - Free of poisoning Lead, Heavy Metals, Ammonia,
Organic Vapors Emission = 0 VOC - Free of cheap monomers : Styrene, Vinyl and VEOVA,
100% Ecological = Environmental Friendly and
Sustainable, but also for the Final User
Sustainable Materials for a Better and Healthy Future