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You Save Money Using nasacoat Paints and Coatings Because of :

8 Immutable Facts " Plus " 8 Additional Benefits - Nothing else !


All nasacoat paints and coatings for construction contain 5 different protectors :

1.They all are 100% waterproofing, even on flat surfaces with puddles
2.They avoid water leaks by heavy and constant rains
3.They are UV rays repellent : protect from severe damages by UV rays
4.In white or pastel colors, they are Thermal Insulators that reflect IR radiation
5.In cold seasons, they keep heat inside rooms of houses and buildings


Application of nasacoat coatings on a clean surface ensures Instant Solutions

  • Easy application :
  • 1. simple,
  • 2. clean,
  • 3. fast and
  • 4. economic


Significant savings in time and materials :

  • 5. Ready to apply, No water, less solvents required
  • 6. No need of slope for storm drain
  • 7. No need of chamfers or bevels
  • 8. All nasacoat coatings reduce the final project
        time and generate economic advantages


All nasacoat coatings are washable with common household products

  • They allow easy and quick maintenance at very low cost


Last generation nanotechnology with high performance components, at a very affordable price

  • All coatings of nasacoat are 100% pure Acrylic
  • They are 100% Water Based, NON-toxic, Environmental and Nature friendly
  • None of them emit organic vapors ( 0 VOC )
  • They are compatible with sustainable housing and
  • have No content of nonylphenol, Teflon® NOR any other carcinogenic components
  • They resist salinity and humidity of marine environments
  • Each of them has many different properties combined in one final unique product
  • They exceed, by far, the limited properties of existing common products


Electrical energy saving

  • All nasacoat coatings act as vapor diffusion retardants
  • In cold climates, warm temperature remain inside the buildings
  • In hot climates, cool temperature remain as well inside the buildings
  • They all reduce energy consumption in environmental conditioning


Long time durability, Warranty in written

  • With normal use and adequate maintenance, all nasacoat coatings can last up to 50% more than the guaranteed time


Therefore, all nasacoat coatings are indeed Sustainable

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All nasacoat Nano-Coatings are 100% :
Water Based - Non Toxic - Free of poisoning Lead, Heavy Metals, Ammonia,
Organic Vapors Emission = 0 VOC - Free of cheap monomers : Styrene, Vinyl and VEOVA,
100% Ecological = Environmental Friendly and
Sustainable, but also for the Final User
Sustainable Materials for a Better and Healthy Future
The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed. - Mahatma Gandhi

The true Gold is in our natural and healthy food, grown in a clean not polluted environment.