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Real Solution - Saltpeter Eliminator

Anti-Niter is a special disinfectant that kills microorganisms that produce nitrate. It is an innovative product, easy to apply, and it is based on our Swiss Formula.

Anti-Niter is 100% water based, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable; does not emit odors and its effects and results are immediate.

Its purpose is to remove and then protect against microorganisms that produce saltpeter in the presence of water or moisture.

These organisms are present in soil, sand, bricks, cement, and similar stone materials used in construction.

The use of this product diluted into all water used during the process of construction and for plastering before painting the walls, floors, etc. of a building, prevents the formation of saltpeter and its consequences.

Anti-Niter resists :
Extreme Weather - Salinity and Humidity of Marine Environment
Pollution - Animal Waste - Bird Drops - Permanent Puddles - Inorganic Acids

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All nasacoat Nano-Coatings are 100% :
Water Based - Non Toxic - Free of poisoning Lead, Heavy Metals, Ammonia,
Organic Vapors Emission = 0 VOC - Free of cheap monomers : Styrene, Vinyl and VEOVA,
100% Ecological = Environmental Friendly and
Sustainable, but also for the Final User
Sustainable Materials for a Better and Healthy Future