Est. May 1999
Sanitizing Products
Against Coronavirus
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All Our Green Nano-Coatings are Based on 100% Safe Nano-Structures,
Absolutely Nano-Particle-Pollution Free !

Reflective Thermal Insulation, Energy Saving, True Waterproofing,
100% Water Based, Free of Lead & Heavy Metals, Ecological and Sustainable
Blue Ocean Products

Back to Nature's Abundance
nasacoat's Interest is to Transmit Conciousness for a Sustainable and Healthy Life !
Once an institution said, we and the planet Earth are the center of the Universe . . .
But asking ourselves, do we really have a right to exist,
keep going on destroying Nature on the planet Earth,
the hundred billion splendor things, which in fact is our only home in the Universe.

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All nasacoat Nano-Coatings are 100% :
Water Based - Non Toxic - Free of poisoning Lead, Heavy Metals, Ammonia,
Organic Vapors Emission = 0 VOC - Free of cheap monomers : Styrene, Vinyl and VEOVA,
100% Ecological = Environmental Friendly and
Sustainable, but also for the Final User
Sustainable Materials for a Better and Healthy Future
When do we think, that humans will be ready to stop polluting humanity ?!
How far too far we have to go, to realize that there is no way of return -?!
If so, no amount of money will be capable to save humanity from going down.
Planet Earth and its nature without the human beast, will be recuperated in less than 600 years !