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No Level at all of Lead Exposure is Considered Safe
Nor Any Other Heavy Metals

Today, many countries in the World have norms that limit the content of Lead into coating products.

But almost no country in the World has forbidden the sales of paints and coatings, which exceed the established limits of lead !

Some big players in the Worldwide paint industry declared that they will eliminate lead content from their coatings within the years of 2020 or 2025.

Meanwhile lots of innocent children still have the chance to get sick . . .

The following table shows the international normative situation, based on the report of May 2016, emitted by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), available as pdf document at:

Global Report on the Status of Legal Limits on Lead in Paint

Europe forbids the introduction of any kind of component with lead content into the formulations of coatings. Therefore, European Community countries are not included in the following table.

Established Limits of Lead Content by Countries
Lead content is measured in ppm ( parts per million ) : 1 ppm = 0.0001% = 1 mg x Kg
Max. Limit of
Lead Content
50 ppm = 0.005%  = 50 mg x Kg Belarus
90 ppm = 0.009%  = 90 mg x Kg Canada, China, Israel, Kyrgyz Republic, Macedonia, Montenegro, Nepal, Philippines, Serbia, Sri Lanka, USA
100 ppm = 0.01%  = 100 mg x Kg Switzerland, Thailand
600 ppm = 0.06%  = 600 mg x Kg Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominica, Jordan, Mexico, Oman, Panama, South Africa, Republic of Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay
1,000 ppm = 0.1% = 1 g x Kg Algeria, Armenia, Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe
20,000 ppm = 2%  = 20 g X Kg Cuba

The toxicity of lead is so high that
even the smallest quantities can not be tolerated !

UNEP - United Nations Environmental Programme recommends based on their studies and inquiries, that there is no known level of lead exposure that is considered safe for adults or children.

But lead is still in paints and coatings used for the following : in- and outside walls and roofs in homes, schools, public and commercial buildings, industry, as well as on toys, furniture and playgrounds. At home, lead is present in decorative paints, enamels and lacquers used for walls, ceilings, doors, furnitures, closets, window frames (metallic or wooden), kitchens, bathrooms, garden furnitures, fences, toys etc.

Most of the people who buy or rent an apartment do not know if they will move into a dangerous lead-infected apartment or not?!?!

See Video at : The health and environmental effects of lead in paint

Sustainability for Health
can not be granted for Nature, Animals and Human Beings
until paints and coatings are 100% Ecological and Environmental Friendly.

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